Modern Jive is a partner dance which is easy and fun to learn.   Whether you come with friends, a partner or alone, this is a guaranteed way to keep fit, socialise, and have fun. 
With experienced and friendly tutors, you will be able to learn the basics for this dance in a relaxed and fun environment. 
In just a few weeks (yes weeks not years!) you could be confident enough to get up on the floor with any other dancers. The Modern Jive network is open to anyone of any age and wherever you learn you can dip in and out of classes and social events all over the world learning as you go.
MODERN JIVE  is truly laid back, fun and as energetic and stylish as you want it to be. The music we Jive to is extremely varied from 1940's tracks to the latest chart hits with all kinds of stuff in between. 
The guy is the lead and the ladies must follow and with only 10 moves under your belt you can get on the floor and look like you know what you are doing! There are however, over a thousand moves to learn if you feel ambitious.               

other dance venues and classes can be found at ... 

 What to Wear ?

Shoes - guys just something comfortable with smooth soles if possible trainers are not that good as you need to be able to spin just a little. Girls - spinning is an important part of jive so smooth soles are pretty important, dance shoes are best but if you don't have them, wear something comfortable, not sling backs or really high heels. 
Clothes  -  absolutely anything you like -  you can dress up, (it is a night out after all), or just jeans and T-Shirt.  Guys; it is a really good idea to bring along a spare shirt and a small towel as it can be pretty hot and sweaty.  Deodorant is good too!!   You are gonna get up close!  

Parking ?

Parking is no problem now we have PERMISSION FROM ALDI to park in their car park which is just a few yards away from the club.   However if you fancy leaving the car behind.... there are lots of public transport links nearby  -  Palmersville Metro is 1 mile away,   The drinks are very reasonable at both clubs so why not get a taxi? 

We hope to see you again!   
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